We definitely want to know your style. It serves as a guideline for us to create a corporate logo that exactly describes your business subject. In order to do so, after receiving your order we will send you an initial questionnaire. You will complete the questionnaire and send it back to us. The entry consists of simple questions, often with answer possibilities a/b/c/d/e and you will only choose the one that is the most comfortable for you. This way, with any big troubles, you fill in the form and our designers, according your assignment, will create a logo design to fit exactly your needs.

Satisfaction with the result is guarantied. Even though, for your better feeling and safety we offer our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

With choosing a logo design package (Mini, Basic, Mild, Pro) you define your exact demands.


Usually the logo designing process takes 7 to 10 working days. However, in some cases the need for a new logo is urgent for some reasons. In such a case, you can choose an EXPRESS logo design and that means you will have your logo design ready in 48 hours. You will fill in the specific date in your order form when you wish to have your final logo design ready. The fee for an EXPRESS logo design is $100/$120/$150 plus the price of the logo design package.

Package prices are final, no other fees will be needed or required.

Logo Design Process


1. Design Brief: after receiving your order, we provide an initial questionnaire. Your answers will provide a guideline for your new logo design.
2. Invoice: we we will send you a pro forma invoice in the price of the package you choose.
3. Logo creation: once your payment is processed, the design process begins.
4. Initial logo design concepts:in the specified time you will get the number of pre-ordered initial logo design concepts to choose from.
5. Revisions: we will modify the chosen original design concept according your feedback in its final form.
6. Finalised files: once you are fully satisfied, we will send you final logo files (eps, ai, pdf, jpg… RGB and CMYK). You can start using your corporate logo design immediately.
7. Additional services: after your logo design is finalized, Mild and Pro packages include subsequent visit card, letter-head paper, etc. preparation.

Money Back Guarantee:

It has not happened up until now that a client would not approve his new logo design. Therefore, we believe that you will not need it. With your precise assignment, we will prepare a logo design that fits exactly your needs and fulfils your vision. However, in case you will not be interested in any of the designed logo concepts, we offer our money-back guarantee.

We provide a partial refund depending on the type of the chosen package and the level of work carried out:

EXTRA Package
a) after emailing logo concepts -> 80% of the package price is refunded
b) with an approved logo design, after emailing a website design concept -> 50 % of the package price is refunded
c) if the website graphic design is approved -> non refundable

PRO Package
If a logo design refused (without starting the work on business card layout and letter head paper) 50 % of the package price is refunded.

MILD Package
If a logo design is refused (without starting the work on business card layout) 45 % of the package price is refunded.

BASIC Package
40 % of the package price is refunded.

MINI Package
Without a money-back guarantee.

We are sure that you will not need the possibility of our money-back guarantee. Yet, we offer it for your safety’s sake, maximum satisfaction and to let you know that there is the possibility to step back. Even though we offer a money back guarantee longer time, we are happy that not even one of our clients used it. Disapproval with a logo design and avoiding co-operation is therefore highly exceptional.

Moreover, ArtLogo offers express logo creation in 48 hours after your order confirmation. Those who are in hurry and need their logo design quickly ready, can place confidence in our Express Logo. ArtLogo means professional approach, creativity, flexibility and reliability that are a guarantee of our clients’ satisfaction with their new logo design created by ArtLogo.

Express Logo Design:


MINI:   logo in 48 h (+ $100)
BASIC: logo in 48 h (+ $120)
MILD:   logo in 72 h (+ $150)- (letter-head paper after logo acceptance)

It will be pleasure for us to work with you.